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Who we are

Our mission

Our mission is propagation of knowledge and research on solutions towards acquisition and utilization of renewable energy sources, especially geothermal power.

We strive towards providing perpetual green energy, no matter if its windy or sunny.

for solutions

the execution

Obtaining the funding


Supervising the operations

About us

PROINSOL has a proven record of successfully designing and implementing innovative energy solutions based on geothermal and renewable resources. Our company delivers throughout support during the investment process. Our scope of operations ranges from district heating and power plants to recreational applications of geothermal water.

We supply necessary technical and design documentation, applications for funding and concessions, business plans and feasibility studies. We have been trusted by local governments as well as domestic and foreign venture capitalists.


PROINSOL sp. z o.o. s.k. (previously known as PRO-INVEST SOLUTIONS sp. z o.o. s .k.) is the legal successor of PROFI-INVEST established in 2003.

We are among the pioneers of geothermal energy promotion and implementation in Poland.

Throughout these years, we have finalized over 40 geothermal projects – ranging from district heating and energy production to recreation and balneology.

Our team

PROINSOL team is united not only by experience and technical expertise, but also by shared passion and engagement towards our goals. We are driven by the search for solutions in challenging projects.

Multidisciplinary team of specialists provides professional and complex support during the pre-investment and investment process by developing necessary technical documentation, designs, applications for funding, applications for concessions, business plans and feasibility studies.